The excellence of a limitless
customer center.

AI productivity tools to manage incoming requests.

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Reecall automates recurring requests processing
and supports your team through
the daily tasks

  • Plug and play
  • Connects to your own tools
  • Performs from the first call

Our powerful conversational agents helps you transform your team’s daily life.

We automate to allow a
better human performance.

Productivity of your team

Availability and responsiveness


Average processing time

Processing Costs

Continuous improvement

This is the right call.

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Calls under qualification
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Become available 24/7.

Regardless of timing and volume, Reecall welcomes your customers without any waiting and qualifies their needs.

  • Automatic topic tag
  • Automatic ticket assignation
  • Live transfer

We automate up to 60% of the requests during the call.

Reecall recognizes your customer and processes the simple requests in natural language.

  • Easy and no-code setup for specific scenario
  • Integration of knowledge bases
  • Enabling your RPA processes
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Multiply your team productivity.

Focus on advising your customers and save time on request processing.

  • Context transmeted before picking up
  • Automated suggestion of quick actions
  • Post call feeding

Experience customer success from the first week.

Manage your Contact Center ROI and activate the right levers to reach Excellence.

  • Accurate understanding of customers’ requests
  • Monitor the productivity of Reecall and your team
  • Identify your performance levers
35% automated calls 1680 -5% calls at Oct 26 Opening hours Follow up Technical issues 1100 +10% Conversations 25 22 forwarded escalation 3s ASA 0:37s avg waiting
  • « Onboarding Reecall as a virtual employee makes us more efficient every day.

    Immediate welcome, polluting calls dealt with efficiently… The agent classifies the requests with precision and dispatches the matters to the concerned employee.

    The tool helps us to identify priorities and deal with them more quickly, in a pertinent manner.»

    AlexandreChief innovation officer @ Pentalog group

Plainly exploiting the power of Reecall directly with over 150 tools of your own.

Telephony, ticketing, CRM… Integrate Reecall agents directy within your daily tools without changing your routine.

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Data protection and security

We process your customer data in compliance with GDPR
and state-of-the-art security practices.

Power up your Contact Center towards Customer Success.

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